2011 september 24th
Freeze festival
Filmhuis Leeuwarden

2011 april 30th
Local bands festival Drachten
De Lawei, Drachten

2010 december 11th
Friese Popawards
Poppodium Romein Leeuwarden

2010 august 13th - Straatfestival Joure
Special acoustic show featuring new songs
Late afternoon/early evening @ midstraat Joure

2009 4/5/6 september
Into The Great Wide Open Festival

2009 June 13
De nacht van kunst en wetenschap (acoustic show)
Universiteit Groningen

2009 June 12
MOMI fest
Theater Romein, Leeuwarden

2009 18 january
so long TCTW
De 7e hemel Heerenveen

biography The Eve is an electro-acoustic indierock/postrock band residing in Joure, Friesland in The Netherlands.

The band was initially known as Thoughts Create The World, but changed their name to The Eve in may 2009.

The band has released 3 albums so far under their previous moniker Thoughts Create The World, “Leaves Grow Back”, “White Rooms” and “Into The Fields”, which were all released by the Dutch indielabel MOMI-Recordings.

The Eve first started as Thoughts Create The World (also referred to as TCTW) in 2004 as a duo project of Ronnie (vocals, guitar) and Johan (guitar, vocals, recording). In 2005 they started adding more members, Marty (guitar, bass, recording) and Ronnie’s brother Martin (drums, guitar, vocals) joined in the summer of 2005. In oktober that year they founded the Alcatrash Recording studio in an abandoned school by getting together every piece of equipment they could gather. Recording-sessions began at a weekly schedule over the weekends. Longtime friend and keyboardmaster Ferdi joined the ranks in early 2006 making the basic line-up complete. In 2008, after a very succesfull reunion show of TCTW-satellite band Sippe Sibbele, bassplayer Adriaan rejoined the ranks as a full-time bassplayer.

Over the course of 3 years the band has written an immense array of songs, and recorded hours of jams, arrangements and sketches, most of which was released with the trilogy “Leaves Grow Back” (a mostly acoustic affair of melancholic indiesongs), “White Rooms” (more refined, a story about loss) and “Into The Fields” (wildly experimental, showcasing more electric guitar-psychedelia). The albums were released within a short period of of time, one every two months starting oktober 2007.

The Eve is known as an involving live-act, and during shows the band can easily switch from livingroom acoustics to big postrock. The band is highly regarded for it’s improvisations. Shows are usually performed in front of a big screen showing selfmade movies.

The members of The Eve are involved in a number of satellite projects and bands, most notably Sippe Sibbele (a long running indierockband featuring all The Eve-members), Girls On Top (indiepop featuring Marty and Martin) and Innerlogic (posthardcore featuring Marty and Johan). Ronnie also has a solo project called ManfriendMongol, exploring vastly experimental sounds and moods.

New recordings are already in progress in the newly revisioned Alcatrash-studio. Also expected are releases of some of the satellite bands.
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